Programming of HSBC Watch completed

Meeting another end-of-2011 goal Lender Watch recently completed reprogramming of HSBC Watch. The website was formerly located at and the new domain name better reflects today’s visitor interests. Timothy Blake and Lender Watch have owned the domain name for many years.

Forums are Smart Phone Ready

HSBC Watch forums have been transitioned and are fully operation. The three forums are primarily used for research and trend analysis and transition nicely if visitors are using a mobile device. All software is capable of recognizing mobile devices and mobile browsers. Forums are now running the latest software updates and SEO modifications.

Static Pages Compliment Research

Every static page on HSBC Watch now supports visitor research efforts by showing complete Lender Watch network search capabilities. Often used by paralegals, law libraries, and news reporters, smart search capability is greatly increased by indexing of archives from 2003 through the present. While forum archives provide trend analysis, newer articles are also indexed. For instance, to search the term “auto loan” from 2003 with keyword HSBC and visitors can enter this string: auto+loan+2003+HSBC (see results here)

Mission Accomplished

While refinements will surely take place in 2012, for now this transition is over with all goals met or exceeded.