Just let us make our mortgage payments

ZH in Illinois said this: “Feeling helpless! How does SAXON get away with the illegal activity, lying, cheating, hurting so many people. If anyone knows of a class action law suit please count me in! Here is my mother’s and father’s story with Saxon Mortgage.

Am-trust sold their loan to Saxon as part of a loan modification. My parents are in their 70’s and my dad worked hard his whole life until he walked into Cleveland clinic hospital almost 3 years ago. Even though he had medicare and an insurance supplement which took care of his hospital bills his medicine bill evaporated their savings.

Living on social security and his constant health maintenance required him to get a loan modification. My parents were told by SAXON to wait until the modification came through and they would be notified as to how much their monthly mortgage payments would be. A month passes with no response from SAXON.

My parents try to call SAXON and they either can’t get through, put on hold without answering the call. They repeated trying to get in touch with Saxon month after month, stressed out not knowing what to do my father went back to Am-trust Mortgage who sold to Saxon and talked Am-trust’s loan officer to help him get Saxon on the phone to explain what his payments are so he can make them.

She told my dad that she could not get through either. Finally last month an envelope left by a messenger from Saxon left an envelope on the front door that said, call your mortgage comoany. The message was in 2 languages.

Now SAXON was ready to talk but only to tell my parents that they have to pay all the back money plus the monthly mortgage that they still didn’t know what the amount was. When my mother said they didn’t have the money for the back payments Saxon said they would be served with foreclosure.

My father passed away last month and I am sure that the stress and worries of loosing his home contributed to his death. We are in morning, hurting and feeling helpless. MY MOTHER , SISTER AND I ARE DESPERATE THAT MY MOTHER KEEPS HER HOUSE. SHE IS ABLE TO DO THAT IF SHE SIMPLY IS ALLOWED TO PAY THE MORTGAGE PAYMENT.”