Saxon Ocwen transition causes foreclosure complaints

BL in Maryland sent this complaint about Saxon Mortgage servicing and Ocwen. The complaint stated “Saxon and Ocwen stole my home of 13 years. To make a long story short, I was in modification, which I could afford. They sent the 3rd payment back. Dragged it on and on. Sold the loan to Ocwen, who refused to work with us, unless we paid all legal fees and arrears. I had lost my job. Were they kidding? Then they foreclosed. God Sees All. I am willing to join any lawsuit against them that is available. They actually benefit on foreclosing on the less fortunate.”

Another complaint, from JG in Maryland also mentions Ocwen, the financial firm that purchased Saxon Mortgage from Morgan Stanley. JG said “I have been playing the Saxon, HAMP game for about a year now. I have made 9 months of trial payments and my mortgage has just been sold. I received a foreclosure notice days after the sale of my mortgage from Saxon to OCWEN.”