Saxon Mortgage stops Soldiers automatic draft

KK in Virginia said this in a recent complaint to Saxon – Ocwen Watch: “Saxon Mortgage is the worst mortgage company I have ever seen. It all started when I was recalled back to active duty in 2006. When I was placed back to the Reserve status, someone at Saxon Mortgage had stopped my automatic draft and I was lucky at that time to look at my bank statement as to why my mortgage wasn’t taken out.

I was recalled a second time in 2007 and deployed to Iraq. When I finally go to call home, my friend had told me that I received a “thick” envelope from Saxon and when she opened it it said I was two months behind on my mortgage.

Once again, someone at Saxon Mortgage had stopped my automatic draft. When I called saxon the first time, the woman on the phone was very rude and said she couldn’t tell me why it had been stopped and she couldn’t help me because it was on the weekend so I had to wait for a weekday and call again.

The next woman I spoke with also said she didn’t know why it was stopped. NO ONE was helpful in this situation. After I came back, I was laid off from my civilian job in 2009 and had applied for the Loan Modification, which took over 6 months to get a reply from Saxon after continuos calling.

Finally getting a hold of the representative (notice no customer service before that) and she told me that I didn’t qualify because I didn’t make enough money! I received no letter, no communication from Saxon until I finally called and got her again and then she broke the news to me.

She blamed this on the government Loan modification and told me that I could try and go through Saxon’s Loan Modification and so I did and I sent all the information in that was required and was told I would get another package of paperwork to fill out.

After two weeks went by, I called Saxon and when speaking to the woman, I was told that I was put in for the wrong loan modification and had to do everything all over again. I told her to forget it. But it didn’t stop there. I received a call from Saxon Mortgage that paper work had come to his desk that I was applying for the loan modification (one year later) and now that I have a new job, I make too much money to qualify for the modification and was told I needed to fax in a statement stating that I didn’t want the modification.

All the while this was going on, Saxon once again stopped my automatic draft without me knowing or any type of communication and when I called, they said it was because I applied for the modification! But EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY STATEMENTS SAID I WAS ON AUTOMATIC DRAFT!

I was two months ahead on my mortgage payments and now for some reason Saxon has decided to take it upon themselves to start my automatic draft back up so now I am 3 months ahead. I have never been late(to no fault of my own) with this company and it is frustrating that they can just turn something on and off to screw up a customer.”