Lender Watch complaints and a Soldier in Afghanistan

SW in Maryland said this in a recent complaint about Saxon Mortgage: “Saxon mortgage has been charging me escrow and $35 late fee for the last 2 years even though my financial institution sent them the money in a timely manner and according to my contract I do not have an escrow account. It is now affecting my credit. What can I do to stop them? What are my legal rights?”

Meanwhile ML in Lousianna said this about Saxon Mortgage and Deutsche Bank. “After filing an injunction against Deutsche / Saxon in court to stop foreclosure, they “approved” my modification and increased my principle by over $10,000.00. I thought that these companies were not supposed to charge for modifications. They can call it whatever they want, they added an extra $10,000 and in addition the government will pay THEM a bonus for doing it. Something is so wrong with this picture it is no wonder people are killing themselves over this insanity. I have had to be put on medication for depression and panic attacks, living with the knowledge that these people can do whatever they want to me, I have to take it or become homeless and my own government will pay them to do it. I will never feel my home is mine ever again, I just pay rent to Deutsche/Saxon.”

Another complaint received this week at Lender watch said this: “We have been given the run around for the past 2 years by Saxon Mortgage and like almost all the complaints herem where in our HAMP was denied and we should apply again along with certain new documents and then the documents get misoplaced and then wait for a person to get assigned followed by denial, The fact all along is that Saxon does not want to modify and is just playing the waiting game while getting your money. We have initiated a class action suit against Saxon and would like to see as many of you with a similar modification problem sign up to be included.”

BK in California is not happy about a recent loan modification attempt. In a recent complaint this is what was said:

I asked for a loan Modification from Saxon Mortgage. It took over a year, and I had to hire an attorney 6 months into the project. Even though we were in deliberations for a loan modification, Saxon Mortgage foreclosed and the attorney was just able to stop the sheriff’s sale.

Then, Saxon Mortgage charged us for their attorney’s fees. They gave us a variable APR, so the rate can be adjusted upward. And Saxon Mortgage put a balloon payment to pay for missed payments, which would not have been missed if Saxon Mortgage had kept the documents sent to them – 4, 5 or 6 times — and had modified the loan in a timely manner.

As far as I am concerned, Saxon Mortgage, and its parent company, are out to defraud the people they loan money to.

Today’s news mentioned illegal foreclosure of military servicemembers. We know this abuse, and violations of the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act, have taken place over the years. This is a complaint, received today, that speaks to that point:

I am currently deployed in Afghanistan, when I went home on leave I received a letter from Saxon Mortage stating I was $11,000.00 behind on my mortgage. I have cleared checks for every single month showing they were cashed. It appears Saxon Mortgage is putting my money in some account they have but it is not going toward my mortgage. It is like a “we don’t know what to do with this” account. I hate Saxon Mortgage with a passion we did not ask for them they took over for NovaStar Mortgage and they suck.

I have the same issue as everyone else in regards to the phone calls. And if you hang up on them they call back, I have had them call me 4 times within 15 minutes. You tell them you just spoke to so and so and they telkl you that person does not work there and you are lying. At what point does it become harassment.
I am waiting for them to violate the Soldiers and Sailors Act. Did I mention they suck.