Debt Settlements and Your Happiness

All relationships are influenced by outside factors and one of the most prevalent is money issues. If things aren’t going well financially you can bet your marriage will suffer. Every day we see the stock market go up or down like a roller coaster, but that doesn’t mean our life should imitate the market.

Here at Debt Settlement Scams and Warnings we give sound time-tested advice. The proper way to talk to a debt collector on the phone, and the proper way to give or accept a debt settlement offer is extremely important to you, your family, and perhaps even you co-workers.

Let me reinforce what I said in this article about the PROPER way to cover your bases. Here is tried and true advice:

How you can tell if a settlement offer is valid

1. Agree on the terms and conditions
2. Ask the company to mail you a signed copy of the settlement offer
3. If they say you must make a decision right now, tell them to fax the offer to you instead
4. Tell them you will not agree on the phone, but will return a copy of their signed settlement offer to them, with your signature, by registered mail

If the creditor refuses steps 1 – 4 above the most likely outcome will be that you owe the balance after you paid off what you thought would be the settlement. Even if you get a printout from a collection agency demanding money on a reduced settlement payoff, call them and get a signed copy before you do anything.

If your debts have mounted it is constantly on your mind. It is hard to live life the way you want when you feel overwhelmed with the amount of money you owe others. It’s never easy to cope with financial hardship and debt, but it’s important not to let debt stress or budget stress take over your life.

All of our advice is free. We don’t sell E-Books and many of the settlement scams we write about are from first hand reports. Our article on debt and divorce, seen here, comes from first hand experience while doing the right thing for my ex and my son.

I’ve also learned that talking things through calmly and together often puts couples on the track to debt resolution while preserving the relationship. Don’t blame each other. It’s so much like the fifth grade, as is name calling.

Read our pages, study everything, and soon you can be back on the warm and fuzzy track to happiness. There is light at the end of the tunnel.