Protecting Your Family Finances :: Financial Scams

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For over ten years we worked as consumer advocates monitoring some of the largest banks and mortgage companies for abuse of customers. Consumer complaints expose possible shady tactics and unforgiving lack of compassion when sudden unexpected events effect customers

Illness, the recession, or moving one’s company overseas can upset financial stability. It is our opinion that Wall Street profits often override common sense when people experience hardships. Almost everyone signs a contract in good faith, but do companies exercise good faith when you need their help?

Divorce, loss of a loved one, and other human factors often shock us, as well-intentioned individuals. On these pages you see how companies assume the worst, and how to protect yourself from scams, shady tactics, and outright deceit.

How many times have you heard stories of a mortgage company or finance company that promised to do the right thing, only to later say they never heard from you, and never made an agreement? Perhaps you were told there was no record of the call or your payment was late. Who is lying, and how do you protect your family finances? Our pages tell you how, and we expose many scams.