Saxon Mortgage pretends and does nothing

KC in California said: “We went for a home mortgage modification in 2009. went back and forth with saxon mortgage for months. was told we were in the hamp program and to start making interim payments. we made 6 payments, when we got a note to call saxon mortgage.

When we called them, they told us our house had been sold to the foreclosure lawyers and that there was nothing more they could do for us. they sent our last payment back to us.

We tried to get a case into federal court, but because freddie macs lawyers didnt get the court dates to us, we missed the court dates (had no idea we had court dates) and we were sent a 6 day eviction notice. we were planning on doing a bankruptcy in the near future, but because of the eviction notice, we had to file bk to stop the eviction.

We are now in federal court, and freddie mac wants the stay lifted so they can get us out! we have been in this house for 18 years. still have 2 children at home – a senior in high school and a 9 year old.

Saxon mortgage pretends like they will help you, and then strings you along and before you know it they have sold your house!! we have done everything in our power to accomodate saxon mortgage- and they did nothing for us. they need to be held accountable for this.”