List of lawsuits against major banks

The regulator overseeing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac today sued many of the country’s biggest banks, claiming the government-owned entities were duped into buying tens of billions of dollars in mortgage securities that went south.

In a news release, the FHFA detailed the banks it is suing. And its filings also detail the amount of mortgage securities Fannie and/or Freddie purchased that these banks sold, underwritten or otherwise were involved in.

Ally Financial (ex-GMAC), $6 billion

Bank of America Corp., $6 billion

Barclays Bank, $4.9 billion

Citigroup, $3.5 billion

Countrywide, $26.6 billion

Credit Suisse Holdings USA, $14.1 billion

Deutsche Bank, $14.2 billion

First Horizon National, $883 million

General Electric, $549 million

Goldman Sachs, $11.1 billion

HSBC North America, $6.2 billion

J.P. Morgan Chase, $33 billion

Merrill Lynch/First Franklin Financial, $24.853 billion

Morgan Stanley, $10.58 billion

Nomura Holding America Inc., $2 billion

Royal Bank of Scotland Group, $30.4 billion

Societe Generale, $1.3 billion