HRA Homeownership Specialist and Saxon Mortgage foreclosure

Rl in Minnesota said: “My husband (Rick) and I have had the same problem as all of the others. Did not receive the information, paperwork is coming so on and so forth. In March we received a foreclosure notice.

I had a HRA Homeownership Specialist assisting in this matter and she could not believe how I or she was treated. I was hoping someone was doing a class action law suite. Saxon Mortgage needs one badly. Well the short of the matter is they forelosed on our house on May 6, 2010.

At first I told them that I could not come with the $3600 before they would even look at my file to try to modify the loan. But i did borrow the money from my mother, we called everyday stating the I had the money but would not send it until they stated what the terms were.

Why commit to something and be in the same boat?

We called and e-mailed at least twice a day and they did not even return to the call to say yes they would postpone the sale or to tell me they were not going to work with me. We even call the man’s supervisor and he did not return the call either.

I had to go out of town for about 10 days and happend to have left the same day of the sale. I did not know what they had done until I returned to work and found the e-mail from the HRA specialist that they did do a sheriffs sale it was sold for $109,200.

She said she was sorry and has never incountered such poor custormer service in all of the time she has helped other. So now we have 6 months to find something to live in. We have been in our home for 26 1/2 years.

A couple of weeks ago someone taped a flyer to our door which stated they were hired from Saxon to see if we wanted to move out early they would give us moving money, I asked how it was they said it was $1,000, I was so mad and told them to tell Saxon NO, we were not moving. How do you run a business like this hurting people and lack of communication, how do they sleep a night or look at themselves in the mirror.”