Lender Watch Network Center

LenderWatch.org is the network center for six of our financial areas. As consumer advocates we monitor the mortgage industry, credit card industry, personal finance, and document customer experiences.

Our areas of expertise include daily monitoring of Saxon Mortgage and parent company Morgan Stanley, and daily monitoring of HSBC Bank Plc. Relative to HSBC we carefully watch HSBC Finance, Santander USA, and the runoff of HSBC’s loan books.

In late 2004 our analysts recognized problems in the mortgage industry as refinances increased. What we saw was the beginning of the financial crisis, also called the subprime crisis. Almost five years of daily documentary can be found on our Mortgage Blues website. During the fall of Lehman Brothers and the crash of Bear Stearns we monitored the Bloomberg Network and wrote daily articles. By 2007 our fears were confirmed.

Other areas of expertise include debt settlement scams, mortgage straw buyers, and other common illegal activity. Our multi-site search engine has been designed to search over 18,000 of our articles and keywords. We write all of the material with help from consumers who submitted complaints.