Amtrust forebearance disallowed by Saxon Mortgage

BG in Florida said: “I was given a forbearance plan by my bank. the bank (amtrust) was closed down. my mortgage was transferred to Saxon Mortgage and they disallowed the plan. Calling me in the middle of the night claiming I was not paying my mortgage.

After a few weeks of calling them I spoke with someone who looked up my information and said I was right. she took additional financial info on the phone and then sent me a packet to fill out.

I called several weeks later and was told to bring my mortgage up to date. In other words I should pay up the difference that I owed.

I did as they said, hoping that my modification would now be processed.

I called up again and was told my modification was denied because my mortgage was now current. I tried to get a new mortgage but my credit has been loused up. I would Saxon Mortgage if I could.”