Saxon Mortgage violates town ordinance – or not?

Janet in Virginia said: “I am joining the forces against Saxon Mortgage. We have been in a living nightmare dealing with this company. In August of 2008 we were notified by our Tax Accountant that we were not the legal note holder on our home. What a shock to us.

We too were having financial problems and Saxon was working with us on a Loan Modification program and foreclosed on us with NO notice. Can you imagine going to have your taxes done only to find out you don’t have a home?

Numerous calls to Saxon and they denied the fact that we were no longer the home owner saying that we were in fact still the legal note holder.

Went to our county court house and retrieved all the paper work that showed the sale of the house, ect., ect., We hence moved out of the home and have seen it sit empty for the past 14 months.

This has been devastating for our family. We lived in this home for 20 years, raised our kids there and started with the grandkids. So, 14 months later paying rent on another home, settling in trying to still get over the loss of our home we get a certified letter from our Town Office saying that the property was breaking the town ordinance because the lawn wasn’t being taken care of.

So here we go again, does this never end?

I went to our local Court House to once again retrieve the legal documentation showing that we are not the home owner so the Town couldn’t fine us only to find out that the Bank who bought the house rescinded the foreclosure due to the fact that Saxon had approved the modification.

We have yet to be informed by Saxon of any of this and we are very confused. What to do now, not only are we legally responsible once again for any debt incurred but now supposedly have a mortgage payment due and are paying for a rental.

I do not understand how one human being can do this to another. Now we have to get a lawyer to get us through this mess, another debt we certainly can’t afford.