Novastar and Saxon Mortgage modification diary

Michael in New York said: “Everything I have read , all happend to me when Saxon Mortgage bought my loan from novastar. I got behind on back taxes about 5,200 saxon paid them for me . my payment went from 805.00 monthly to 1300.00 and I was paying that till I lost my job.

I was in the hamp program for 9 months making payment on time then get a call from saxon that I cant barely understand telling me that they are underwriting my mod loan but I dont make enough money after paying my bills each month . So I do not qualify.

Saxon Mortgage said they have other mod progams, and two days later get letter about short sale.They call this 1 the HAFA SHORT SALE PROGAM I stated that I need to keep my home and wheres the new forms i sent ?

Saxon Mortgage said oh we got them call back in 2 weeks. of coarse that person will be in training, like the last person that helped me by phone. I’m now waiting for my foreclosure letter. I contacted my assembly men in NEW YORK and a housing counsoler . MAKE SOME CALLS PEOPLE B-4 ITS TO LATE .”