New cell phone gets Saxon Mortgage spam

TL in Florida said: “Harrassing phone calls that do not apply to me. I was told that my number will be removed from the call list since I have no debt or mortgage with Saxon Mortgage! Ever since I have been receiving these collection calls, I have had to see my doctor to get anxiety medication due to the nature of my medical condition.

I call the number left on my voice mail and try to explain to the very rude and un-professional person on the other end of the phone to let them know that I don’t know who “Saxon” is and that I do not have any account with “Saxon” let alone have any debt.

Saxon Mortgage is looking for someone else and I am seriously going to end up in the hospital if this continues! My phone number is recently new to me, just purchased the cell phone, and I keep telling these people to stop calling, with no avail. One more call and I will be forced to report the number and the company “Saxon” to the Federal Trade Commission, as I have on another number who asks for the same person. This is harrassment since I have no knowledge nor any debt owed to anyone! My phone number is (727-768-6881) and the number that continues to call and disrupt my peace is 888-325-3502 from “Saxon”! Please stop the harrassing phone calls or I will make sure that I report that number and the company “Saxon Mortgage”.