Saxon Mortgage runaround is another foreclosure

MC in Washington said: “Saxon Mortgage is going to take my house. It started with me getting laid off. Trying to make arrangements but then they said they wouldn’t take a payment unless we could pay the whole anount owing but no worries we will modify your account. Just fill out the paperwork and send it in.

We did just that but they came back and said the didn’t have all the paperwork so we sent it again and again and again started making mod payments ( about 200 ) less then the original payment and then they said we didn’t qualify.
Next they said they had another program(the whole time what we owe is growing) We submitted the paperwork again and again. Hired a professional to help.

Saxon Mortgage said they had another program starting in basically a month. A week after they told us that we got a letter stating they were planning to start the paperwork to foreclose.

We called when they said to and they told us we don’t qualify. Pay what we owe and they could modify other wise we could short sale or foreclose.

If they would have worked with us to begin with we wouldn’t have been in this situation. I’m looking at losing my home. All I needed was a little help. I feel sick!”