Saxon Mortgage modification papers 4 months late

JL in Pennsylvania said: “I have a mortgage with Saxon and they want to take my house as well as my money. I had requested a modification in Nov 2009 due to work hour reduction. Never received the paper work but made the payments anyway. Now in April 2010 they claim ‘missing paperwork’ for a denied modification.

This is after I do receive modification paper work in February 2010 dated for Nov. 2009 and submit, inform them I am laid off from work and send them a check for 2400.00 issued from my home owner’s insurance for some damage to house caused by heavy snow storms in Feb 2010.

They refuse to release any of the insurance funding due to their claim of mortgage being 6 months behind. I had to do repairs myself just to get the work done as I did not have the money to pay a registered contractor. May 7, 2010 I received a letter with a return address of another company, on Saxon letter head stating I need to do a ‘short sale’ of house to aviod foreclosure.”