Saxon Mortgage incorrect credit reporting

MS in California said: “We we approved for a trial mod back in june of 2009- now they say we do not qualify. We made every payment on time by certified mail. They have ruined our credit by reporting we have not made ANY payments on our credit report.

After making 10 months of trial modifications we got a notice from saxon today that we do not qualify for our modification!

Saxon Mortgage and Deutsch bank are leading people on to make modified payments and then extending and extending, and oh, after 10 months we are missing documents too!

We are about to demand the note and stop making payment to save enough money to move. I have the documents if you want me to send them

One thought on “Saxon Mortgage incorrect credit reporting

  1. This is becoming an all to often scenario with Saxon. It appears that, given the income docs associated with HAMP can not be older than 90 days, Saxon keeps extending and requesting “missing” documents. These aren’t missing documents per say, they are outdated documents. This is there way of changing the scenario in their favor. Over time, people do what is natural. They cut expenses in order to try to make ends meet. When this happens it changed the DTI and thus, Saxon says you no longer qualify. In my opinion, this is Saxons way of generating enough income to cover the cost of foreclosure then toss you to the curb. If, a HAMP participant is denied they are required to give you a reason.
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