Morgan Stanley Special Servicing and Saxon Mortgage

JS in Pennsylvania said: “We purchased a home in late 2005, it has been one thing after another. We were first time home buyers and really had no clue how it all worked, if I knew then what I know now, things would be different.

The first thing to get our attention was the seller of the house phoned us in the spring of 06, she was concerned that the property wasn’t correct. She stated that the 5.97 acres were no where to be found on her papers. I dug all our paperwork out and this begun the worst process I think we could have faced with buying a home.

I found where the property was listed, nothing stated the 5.97 acres. I was sick, we were sold on the yard, not the house. We were in hurry and I guess the title company knew it!

That was just the first battle – We then received the taxes – the county had my father-in-law and myself married. I was floored, now what to do. I set out in search of an attorney, what fun. I found one that we did hire and have now paid $1000’s to with still nothing done. I have had no help from Saxon mortgage company. Still we are no where.

My husband and I have been paying the back taxes, so we don’t loose the property, and are still paying the attorney, I guess we are obligated to pay him for $50 phone calls, many of them that have no answers.

I today received a summons, that we are being sued by Morgan Stanley Special Servicing, no clue who they are or where they came into this, but this is the latest.

In earlier days we spoke with a Venango county attorney, that told us the mortgage had been so slaughtered it would likely be disregarded by the courts. (we have had no luck of that. Any direction or help you can give would be greatly helpful.”