Saxon Mortgage calls after payment was made

JC, no location disclosed, said: “I was an Amtrust mortgage customer. My loan was recently taken over by Saxon Mortgage in March. I have NEVER been late on my mortgage payment even when my husband and I were both unemployed. Last night I received a call from a Saxon representative telling me that my April payment had not been received.

I explained that I make my payments through my bank’s bill pay product and the indication is that the payment has indeed been made.

Within seconds the rep said, “Oh, yes… I see now that you did make the payment and it shoud post tomorrow.”

Needless to say, that made me very suspicious so I started to do some research and I am now concerned based on all the comments I am reading on line regarding this mortgage servicer.

Worse yet, I feel completely trapped because I doubt that I will be able to refinance with anyone else. Hurray for the FDIC!!! Great choice of mortgage servicers.”

One thought on “Saxon Mortgage calls after payment was made

  1. This is exactly what I am going through right even right down to the month exept they have not found my payment yet.

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