Proof that Saxon Mortgage HAMP is a delay tactic

ST in Wisconsin said: “Saxon bought my mortgage loan in 2007. Since that date they have refused to take payments and continued to schedule sheriffs sales every six months and cancelled them at the last moment every time. They told my wife and I six times we qualified for their modification program and then never followed up on it.

Last year in Sept they said we qualified for the homeowners affordabity program, they were sendong out a stack of papers to fill out and when we sent them back, we would be in the loan program. I filled them out and sent them back.

Ten days later, Mathew, our account manager, called me. He said one of the pages didnt have enough information, he was sending it back out and I would hae to fill it out again. I asked if we were in the program and he said NO, the paperwork isnt complete.

Two weeks went by and I didnt get a letter, called Saxon, was told it was coming. Six more weeks no letter. Called Saxon again, they said a rep from Tennesse was taking over he would call. January comes around, again called Saxon, notice they never called me once, they said they had no information on my account at this time they would call me back.

March 15th, Saxon calls to tell me I have been dropped from the program due to non payment, they are sheriffs selling my house again. I asked what happened, and Saxon Mortgage said they have no record of missing paperwork, they have notes of me calling but they have no idea what it was about, and Mathew, well he no longer works there. He was the 11th person since we started with Saxon to come and go. I tired of this. Its time to sue Saxon.”

2 thoughts on “Proof that Saxon Mortgage HAMP is a delay tactic

  1. This sounds all too familiar. I have attempted to obtain a modification from Saxon for almost 2 years. I was put on 2 repayment plans. Saxon promised they would modify. They cancelled both repayment plans. They said I qualified for HAMP. I made 3 trial payments. Now they said because I did not send the 4th payment, I can only short sale or do a Deed in Lieu. I am ready. Saxon Mortgage has humiliated me. The people on the phone are not professionals. They lie, cheat, swindle. I don’t know what else to do. I have $4000 sitting in suspense. I have talked with other loan modification companies. Saxon has told me they will not modify no matter what I do. Who can help???? This has been a nightmare.

  2. I recommend contacting a HUD councelor to see if they can help you in any way. Having a third party HUD councelor in our situation was very helpful.

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