Taylor Bean, and Whitaker, Saxon, then immediate foreclosure

Steve, no location given, said: “Saxon is the worst kind of human scum.

I had a tough year in 2008 with loss of income, but bounced back in 2009 and made over $80,000. I was working on a loan modification from Taylor Bean, and Whitaker, who held the mortgage. They went out of business, shut down by the FHA. The loan was sold to Saxon, and they immediately put me into foreclosure.

They insisted this was just procedure, and that they would work with me to work out a modification.

After four months, the sale date was fast approaching. I had submitted my financials three times over the course of the process. Each time, it was the same excuse, “the investor needs another look”. it was ALWAYS the “investor” that was deciding, but nothing ever happened. I went to see an attorney, so i was prepared for the worst. The biggest question to myself was, “will I have to declare bankruptcy, even though I am making more than enough money to make the happen?”

Long story short, a week before the sale date, Saxon told me they would modify the loan. They said they would need $15,000 down, and my payment would go up $500 a month. Since they had my financials for months, they knew I did not have the $15,000. They wanted to make it impossible for me to stay in the home.

THEY ONLY WANTED ME OUT OF THE HOUSE, so they could collect on the federal funds.

I had to do the unthinkable, file bankruptcy, even with my income over $80,000. All my other debts are current.

Beware of Saxon. They are the worst kind of human scum. All the talk about the government helping with loan modifications are ridiculous. I kept the home, but at a steep price.

Please be very careful when dealing with Saxon.”