Saxon Mortgage forecloses for second time

KH in Maryland said: “It seems like lots of people have been robbed by Saxon! Most of you have been very proactive with your complaints and have all your t’s crossed and “i'”‘s dotted! What was the outcome if you were in foreclosure with just a few days left??

I am in the same boat! Is there anyone who has a lawyer who will do a class action lawsuit? I am willing to participate. They are trying to foreclose on my home again for the 2nd time after the trial modification was finally approved after 8 months.

I refaxed missing paperwork —11 times. I think they are taking people payments when they get them and trashing them and blaming us for not sending them in and using our tax money.

I was scammed on the loan orginally they put me in a 10.5 interest rate “ONLY INTEREST LOAN” for only 3 months then they would refianance us for FREE with a lower rate? NEVER DID THAT – so I have been paying $220.00 a month just in interest never touching the principal.

What to do?

ANY advice would be greatly appreciated- GET a laywer? Who In Baltimore MD? Short Sale? they want me to pay $40 K with all fees, etc- my house is only $240k! and that wouldnt be too bad but that is ALL INTEREST and attorney fees and then I would go back up to the $2200 a month payment then Saxon says they can modify again?

I am so scared I will not have a place for my and my two baby girls to live in two weeks. I have been cyring since I got the foreclosure notice a few days ago. PLEASE HELP with any advice.

Good luck to those fighting this battle too- I am sure none of you are sleeping a wink either!”

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  1. File a request for all your original documents. Here’s a template I used when I requested mine.

    If at all possible, have a loan audit done by a reputable company. I’m sure there are violations in the loan docs. Go see an attorney. Tell them you are considering suing Saxon for violations and mismanagment of your loan. If they want to hold you to legal standards then they need to be held to the same.

    Be very careful on loss or short sale. It’s not uncommon for saxon to go back for a delinquency judgement which is the difference between what they got from the sale and what you originally owed. They are crooked enough to do it.
    The run their business with mob mentality – thinking they aren’t gov. over by the same laws as others. BUT they are. Being treated fairly in a legal matter should not be limited to those who can afford it. Americans all deserve to represented equally when they are being victimized by a company such as Saxon.

  2. I had a loan mod with Saxon. I made my payments to them they sold my loan to Ocwen with forclosure in place I made my payment to Ocwen.I called them telling them i had a mod, i faxed all the paper work to them they still sold my home but the bank bought it back ,Now they do not want to work with my attorney to redeam this matter. I am at wits end. I have a granddaughter that lives with me as does her family. She has had brain surgery and now has cronic migrain syndrom. They are kicking us out on the street. Can someone help me PLEASE

  3. Mary: Not sure that it will help but you can try scheduling an appt. to see your local congressman. Some have said it’s been helpful.

  4. I feel for all of you. when I read these stories it sounds exactly like mine. Please dont give up. We alll need to band together to get our stories heard, maybe on local t.v. station or something but Saxon needs to be stopped ASAP. They threw me out on the streets 1 year ago. Even after I was in a loan modification with them. I have even thought of going to see someone in govt. someone needs to stop these people and make them give back all the homes to the homeowners who they robbed. I would love to be a part of any lawsuits anyone has going on against Saxon and their buddies.

  5. As for requesting original docs. from them forget it. Tried it over 1 year ago through a Qualified Written RESPA complaint still have nothing. NO ONE MONITORS THESE THINGS. NO ONE MAKES SURE THEY FOLLOW THE LAW LIKE WE MUST. THEY THINK THEY ARE INVINCIBLE BECAUSE THEY CONTINUE TO STEAL OUR HOMES AND GET AWAY WITH IT.

  6. Michelle: Why didn’t you file a legal request for the papers? Technically The mortgage servicer must respond to you within 60 business days of receipt. Otherwise, you have grounds to sue.

  7. I say just like how they are having TEA PARTIES around the nation that we join forces together and meet in FORT WORTH for a ANTI-SAXON RALLY in front of thier building.

  8. Someone needs to stop these people asap. We have children. We are being raped by Saxon Mortgage. Someone has to be able to help.

  9. The sad part is based on the reading and research I’ve done… there isn’t anything that the “oversight” companies will do. There isn’t anything set up to regulate the servicers. Go read We’re all out of luck! they can break the rules and no one will do anything.

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