Saxon Mortgage drops loan modification

EM in California said: “My complaint is against Saxon Mortgage, I was one of the first people to apply for the HAP Program in June 2009, I waited quite a while to get my new payment of 1198. approved for the trial period. I made my payments and after the first trial period Saxon Mortgage put me on another trial period in Octoner 2009, my new payment was 995.03 and so I started making the payment of 995.03 .

In December 2009 I received a letter stating that I had been approved for the Loan Modification and that my insurance and taxes had been included in my 995.03 payment. In January and February I made more than the 995.03 payment while still waiting for the loan modification docs that I was supposed to have received back in December 2009.

Today 4/5/10 I call to see where the loan modification docs are at and they told me I had been dropped from the loan modification program because I had not made the October payment as agreed. I made the payments as well as I had been told without getting any real docs.

SO now I owe $8,000. plus because of the smaller payments I had made during these trial periods, and my new payment will be $1434.00. I tried to make a payment of the original amount of $1295.02 but no , no, they needed PAYMENT Of $1434.00 and now I am facing foreclosure….I was better off without their stupid modification offer and wish I had never began the process. SAXON is a crook and now they are trying to really screw their customers.”