Saxon Mortgage blackout period revealed

Bill in Florida said: “I just had two mortgages acquired by these idiots (Saxon Mortgage) who continue to demonstrate they have no respect for customers at all. Here’s a few things you need to know:

Evidently when they acquire mortgages to service there is a transitional “blackout” period of about two weeks in which they cannot post your payment regardless of when it is received. So you’re screwed for additional interest until the end of this blackout time!

I called and screamed about it and they are supposed to adjust the posting date for me back to the first date of the blackout period. We’ll see! The impression I got is that they are legally supposed to do that automatically, If someone could check into that it would be great.
In my short one month experience with these scoundrels, they just act like agressive delinquent bill collectors and you’re all low life deadbeast.

Here’s another few alerts I’ve noticed in my one month of dealing with this unethical group:

My second payment to them was due 4/1/2010, which I sent 3/29/2010 along with another Wells Fargo payment and other bills. All the others were posted by the 4/1 due date except these crooks. That cost me about $275 in addiitional interest until posted on the 5th. And in the meantime, on the Good Friday holiday I got harassing calls from these idiots that my payment was one day late and where is!

So today I tried to access the website to confirm the posting date as/of yesterday – the site does not accept passwords at all- so I had to call and it is quite an experience talking to these “debt collectors”. Beware that they will tryto pump you for additional information. For example- do you live there – is the house in good condition- if a rental and who lives there. Don’t tell them anything!

In closing, I find it hard to believe the FDIC is not using reputable mortgage service companies to acquire good mortgages, This Saxon crew is the bottom of the barrel. Good Luck!”