Ocwen, Saxon Mortgage stalls and excuses

MP in New York said: “I have read all the complain for Saxon Mortgage, and my story is similar. Our mortgages was sold to other banks, until Saxon bought it, in June of 2009 we apply for the modification, they told us the first time our mortgage was going to be reduced from $1,500 to $1,100 we agree everything was ok they told us we should make the payments for the first three month on time, we did, when the period of time was done they told us that all the agreement was not posted in the computer, and that they have to started all over again.

We start the paper work again, with no luck, and what Saxon Mortgage did, was they sold out Mortgage to Ocwen that happen in December, since then we are now dealing with Ocwen company, we sent out all the paper work they need, now we are in April, and nothing it was done.”