Homeowner takes Saxon Mortgage complaint to congress

SA in Texas said: “I’ve been trying to get thru the loan modification process for over 1 yr. Last year in March I was told I qualified for an internal program. The terms sounded too good to be true…they were…I never received the loan documents.

Then was told that the Saxon Mortgage modification department was backed up and the terms expired BUT i could get into the HAMP program, I just needed to resubmit all the info..which I did.

Then after 3 months was told that they did not have all the paperwork. Called…oh yeah we have it all…3 more months….missing paperwork…oh yeah…we dont need any paperwork, just working on it….3 more months…still missing paperwork.

Letter comes that I missed a payment…called…dont worry about it,,,we have it….3 more months…dont qualify for HAMP…also have a missing payment so you dont qualify for any other program…what missing payment??? HAMP payment over 1K more than original payment under internal modification program AND now facing foreclosure with almost 16K in arrears….I cant understand it!

I’m talking to my congressman tomorrow and I HOPE i can at least get somewhere with a manager or someother person in the company. How does this happen in AMERICA?”