9 months later Saxon Mortgage tells truth

KM in Georgia said: “Back in June 2009 I was told that I were pre approve for the HAMP program and was told to make sure that I make my 3 months trail period on time. I did that and miss a payment in Jan 2010 now I’m told that I’m no longer on the program due to miss payment.

I talked to a rep on March 31, 2010 and was told that in July, 2009 a manager went back and withdrew the agreement. This was the first time hearing of this. Now Saxon is saying that I owe all of this money. Saxon never send me the correct paperwork I need. Saxon has put my family and home in damager.

I NEED HELP ON FIGHTING SAXON! Saxon has done this to many of their customers and now we have to pay for their mistake. I’m unemployed and can not come up with this type of money Saxon saying I need. The rep had a nerve to tell me to start saving my money. That’s was some BS. Someone has to stop Saxon. Everytime I called different rep were telling me different things. I talk to three different rep today and were told three different things. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP THE CUSTOMERS OF SAXON MORTGAGE!”