Saxon Mortgage has no integrity says customer

Kelly in California said: “Since none of my formal complaints make it to Saxon Mortgage, I am hoping something can be done on this site. My credit is absolutely tarnished due no fault of our own.

There are countless inconsistencies with Saxon Mortgage and these inconsistencies are costing us greatly. Just as the several comments I have read before me, I to have spoken to different folks with Saxon every time I call. It wasn’t until recently I was so angry I lost my temper, that one supervisor gave me his direct line.

See Saxon Mortgage has placed us on the HAMP loan without sufficient documents from us, (THEY SAY VERBAL AGREEMENT) they have lost our payments and placed them into different accounts, they have sent reps to our home approaching my children in the front yard asking whether or not we still live in the home, due to three months in a row of misplacing funds on their end (AT LEAST THEY WERE CONSISTENT..RIGHT?). And Saxon Mortgage never once have called me to say they are sorry. I have had to call and make sure this gets fixed.

They have no integrity.

Now at this point our credit is tarnishesd. We have been in this home for 3 years and we have never missed a payment. NEVER!! We shouldn’t have any 30 day lates on our credit, but they can’t seem to get the 30,60,90 they reported to our credit omitted. This is their mistake.

I have asked for the notes in their system regarding every conversation I have had with them, and they said they can not provide me with this information. Considering I might very well be able to write a novel with them. Yet my integrity has been questioned and I have been attacked personally by their unprofessional representatives.

I have lost my temper countless times, I know this gets me nowhere, but being on the phone with them day after day and for hours on end has become nearly a full time job. They have not helped one bit.

I would think considering the interest they are and have collected just from me versuses the principle applied should count as some sort of upgraded customer service at the very least.

Principle applied after three years of payments $3,500; taxable interest received from IRS three years $10,000; interest they have earned over the three years $138,908. Priceless!! Yet, they are still not able to do anything for us.

Is there any help for us? We are scared, and believe we can’t stay in our home much longer. We are at risk, because our primary sets to adjust in the next year and our retirement is almost depleted!