Saxon Mortgage forecloses after baiting homeowner

Paul in California said: “After a death in our family, Saxon still ask after every call, reason for having this mortgage issues!

We are also victims of Saxon Mortgage!!! I received a phone call on my cell from Saxon on May 4, 2009. They stated President Obama has implemented a new program to save you on your payments, HAMP.

They stated I will receive instructions on a new payment plan and rate reduction to begin June 2009. So I started this program and made the payments as requested June, July, August, and then Saxon request 30 day extension so September, then October.

All documents return via fax, via fed express, and Saxon says never received, so we sen them again and again.

I contacted Saxon to obtain status of my loan and they stated hang tight as they are busy and a little back logged.

So we waited patiently, and waited, and waited, then we received a notice of approval for a loan modification Jan 2010. 30 days and we would be signing docs, which never came.

Saxon once again says hangs tight, then finally we receive a letter on March 8,2010 denial of the HAMP program and on March 11,2010 sold our house via auction.

So nowsomeone contacts us to state they own the house and we have 3 days to vacate!!! Now WTF?

Can someone advise our recourse? I want JUSTICE!!”