Saxon Mortgage complaints under congressional seal

I learned something very important today and i want to pass along to all complaintants of SAXON motage.

I went to see my congressman today.. I was informed that he was able to help us file complaints with all of the State and Federal Offices that govern Mortage and Banking offices that provide licenses for Saxon Mortgage..

The Attorney Generals Office of your State
The Federal Trade Commissiom ( unreturned phone calls )
The Federal Banking Commission (Deutsch Bank.Investor with Saxon Mtg)
The Federal Attorneys Office Will start a nationwide investigation into Saxon Mortgage.

Also your politicians will submit all of your paper work with or under Congressional Seal..This makes your paper work seen and reviewed much quicker.

I hope this information will help all of you who see this..

Gene A. Honeycutt SGT. US ARMY RET.

3 thoughts on “Saxon Mortgage complaints under congressional seal

  1. I certainly hope that this is not yet another dead end. I trust my politician to do what he says he will about as much as I trust my kids to do what they say they will. The american people deserve to have effective means to stand up to these “too big to fail” companies that are litterally taking peoples homes in as little as 2 days. I agree that the banking industry is a fundamental aspect of our economy but so too, are the rights of the american people to not be openly and unjustly screwed by the very same industry.
    We all need a…. a hero!

  2. i need help saxon put my house on sale for april 26 2010 and didnt tell me , i also have sent them 4 packets of all paper work and the last thing they told was that ,their investors dont like modifications; so iam screwed with my family , were will i go.

  3. I had tried working with Saxon Mortgage for over a year…….we finally gave up. We had 3 times of them “telling” us that we had an offer of a new term. We originally have a 12.5% interest rate and only needed them to lower the interest rate to a reasonable rate. The first time they came back (because at that time we were making our payments ON TIME) with 8.5%, we were very happy and waited 45 days for the paperwork to come……..that was November 2008….never came…..2nd time (which now we aren’t paying) they came back with 7.4% we were even more thrilled………..again…….nothing ever came……….3rd try, we were approved for the Obama plan make 3 payments (which we did with certified mail to even prove that we made the payments) and sent them everything they needed………again……they came back and said that we did not make our payments…….I proved yet again that I had done all that was required……….we never heard from them again. Now we are calling them to see when they will just foreclose……WE ARE DONE! But yet again, even though they can’t help, they can’t even FORECLOSE…….got the letter in December from them saying yet again Obama wouldn’t let them foreclose…….it is now APRIL 2010 and we still have no deal nor can they even foreclose……can we just be done?

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