HAMP program denied by Saxon Mortgage

TE, no location disclosed, said “I was put on two modifications one was started in March 2009 for three months. I was making payments for 2192.00 and was told that if I made the payments on time my loan would be modified. I made the payments on time for 3 months, called at the end of the agreement, and customer service said they didnt know anything about a modification but I had a copy of the agreement.

At the end of the conversation I told about the HAMP program. I was told that if I made the 3 payments which went down to 1778.00 on time my note would go down to 1370 per month thats with taxes and insurance.

I made all three payments again, called every month checking on the status they kept telling me I was approved and just waiting on the attorney to close on the documents. I called in December and was told that paper work was sent that another extension was sent out stating I needed to continue making payments until I receive the paperwork from the attorney.

So at that point I was already two payments behind and I tried to get caught up again. I call in March after making two payments in January and one in February to find out that I was denied for the Hamp program.

I never received a denial letter, but I did receive a letter from an attorney saying that Saxon had retained them regarding foreclosure. Something needs to be done because this was not fair to my family.”

2 thoughts on “HAMP program denied by Saxon Mortgage

  1. The one thing SAXON doesn’t realize is the “trial period” is a contract for exactly that… three months. Unless, the contract is extended in writing. However, that written document must be received by the borrower in order for the borrower to know what to do next. I didn’t get my “trial period” contract until AFTER I signed my final modification papers. they need to review the rules that govern legal contracts.

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