Many different answers from Saxon Mortgage Services

J.J. in California said: “What an unprofessional company, how is it the government has not come down on Saxon Mortgage is a miracle to me!!! I was in an accident last year and the day I got home from the hospital I started the long and absurd process of attempting to contact Saxon about my financial situation.

First off, the email link on their site is a joke. 15+ emails and never one response. I called, I faxed, I wrote letters and I paid all that I could that first month. FINALLY, I spoke to a live person who told me I was up the creek and made too much. Then the following day spoke to a different person who said I was eligable for a home modification.

I thought great! What a relief!!! So I go through the song and dance of making the three trial period payments and paperwork, mind you I was constantly having to resubmit paperwork Saxon claimed to never have received. Then month four comes around, now what? Whats my payment? What do I do? Again, emails letters faxes and phone calls.

I finally received a letter telling me to continue making the trial period payment the following month, no problem. Month five Saxon sends me a letter threatening me to terminate the process, why!? The following day I receive a letter from their underwriting company instructing me to call and verify information to start the underwriting process.

I do and am told congratulations, it’s as good as done…Alright!! I continue making the trial period payments and now in month 8 I get a letter from Saxon telling me my modification is cancelled. So, I call to askwhy and I’m told for missing an October payment. I went round and round reading the letters sent and timeline, my end result was ” Give us $9,000 or short sell the house ASAP” I’m $100,000 upside down on this house…..Saxon isn’t getting another dime!”

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  1. If you have proof of the October payment, they have no legal grounds to drop you from the program. Talk to a lawyer. Most give you a free consultation. And even if you have to retain one, it certainly won’t cost you a whopping 9000.00. It’s time the little guy fights back. You have letters to substantiate your claims.

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