All Saxon Mortgage payments made but Saxon claims default

Randy in New York said: “Saxon Mortgage gave me a reduction on my mortgage through one of their bogus plans. my payment went from $1270.00 down to $841.00 the only catch was that i had to make 3 consecutive payments as a trial to make sure that i could and at the end this would be my new mortgage payment for life of the loan. Well, i paid june-december then got a bill for $ 7000.00.

Saxon Mortgage said i defaulted and put my payment back to $1270.00 well in an effort to save my home they said to pay the $7000.00 or they could restructure my loan. i chose to restructure because i dont have $7000.00 laying around so after all the hardship letters and bank statements that i had to send them now they tell me that i never qualified for that program and the people that offered me that solution shoud’nt have.

Now i owe $ 12000.00 and have to pay it in 30 days or they are going to foreclose. There is much more to this story but not enough time to write it. If anyone has info on a lawer that can help please let me know. they should not be allowed to get away with this!”

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  1. SUE THEM. This is mismanagement at it’s best. This is a company that is deceptively stealing from their customers. Call your local news station and get loud about it. Consult an attorney and I recommend that you send a formal request letter for all the documents associated with the original paperwork. This might cause them to question what your intentions are. Might get them a little nervous. Sorry about the location… but it is a good letter to get started with.

  2. I feel like a victim, I learned late Feb. about Amtrust transfering my morgage to Saxon, at that time and since I was not able to continue payments to Amtrust, so in calling forward to Saxon , I learned that they were in transfer and could not yet take my money, I am willing and wanting to pay, I have gotten no pay statements, and also, I cannot get any answers from them, they do not call me back, I have made numerous phone calls to them, and their modification dept. The assigned case worker has not called me, this is scarry, and has gotten me very nervous about my account and the future of my mortgage.
    I am strained and stressed,, and feeling neglected by them, and so need answers and to get back on track so to know my home and I will be safe in this new transfer.

    Amtrust will not help either, I called them and nothing, I called Saxon 5 times in the past 12-16 hours , last night and this morning, no calls back, and no new info when I talk to the Rep. ,.

    What to do, please , I need help !
    I believe they are crooked and want to take from me, where is our Gov’t. when we so need them, This issue is going too be a nightmare , and I do not want to suffer anymore with the cruel ignorance I am experienceing from Saxon.

    They need to be investigated at a Federal level, now !

    I don’t know what to do, I have always paid and am willing to now, I am afraid to send thm any money when they are telling me they dont have my paper works, they need.

    Actually, I was told not to until I discussed my account with Saxon case worker,, ? ? what,, ! to do ?

    Worried, really, loosing sleep ! I have a family and want this cleared up now !

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