Waiting 10 months for Saxon Mortgage modification in Missouri

A saxon Mortgage homeowner in Missouri said: “Saxon Mortgage is a crooked company! I have also been awating a modification for over ten months now. Not only am I still waiting but my second mortgage can’t even begin until after my first is completed or deined! I have sent in the same documents over 25 times! I have all of my fax confirmations! They always tell mw something different and nothing makes sense! Needless to say I have filed a complaint with the FTC and am making another complain today with US Treasury. I urge all of you to file your complaints as well. I have made all of my payments ONTIME each and every month and done everything the ask and am still getting screwed! Companies like this should be sued and shut down!”

One thought on “Waiting 10 months for Saxon Mortgage modification in Missouri

  1. I live in Missouri as well and have been fighting to keep our home for over a year. We have an attorney in the Blue Springs area that is filing another restraining order and a lawsuit. Please contact me to see if we can help each other out.

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