Customer says Saxon Mortgage and Ocwen are crooks

MB in Tennessee said: “I have read with interest the posting on Saxon Mortgage Servicing and my story has been almost the same. Lost paperwork, will get right back with you, call and stay on the phone for hours and then they hang up. I have experienced it all and they even went as far as telling me I had a loan modification, took $4,000.00 from me and then revoked all the paper work, put me in foreclosure again charged me thousands of dollars.

But that is not the end of my story. On the first of November 2009 they notified me that they were selling my loan to Ocwen and I needed to make up to and including the December 2009 to Saxon Mortgage. I did exactly as they instructed me and on December Ocwen notified me that they had purchased the loan and I should mail the January 2010 payment to them. I did exactly as they said to do. But, Ocwen immediately started notifying me that I was delinquent.

The same old story, called and called. They are no better than Saxon, same old thing. They have now told me that Saxon didn’t give any credit to the loans that was transferred in December. So, I keep asking where my money went. So far I have not had any answers but I have sent a copy of the last 7 checks that I have paid and where they have been deducted from my bank account.

They are all a bunch of crooks. WHERE IS THE STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL OFFICE IN ALL THIS? Taking money and not giving credit for it is a crime. How people do you think sent money and never got credit that will not have the time or ability to keep calling and trying to get an answer?”