Emotionally steamrolled by Saxon Mortgage Services

LD in California said: “I am just another one of the Saxon (Suxsome) sheep that has been led to the inevitable misleading , confusing, stressful, frightening, unbelievably unethical, painful, just plain horrible and destructive road that is so similar to thousands of Suxsom Mortgage customers.

I have been through a seemingly impossible series of events prior to being tricked, lied to , and emotionally steamrolled by Saxon Mortgage Services.

My wife of 18 years left me for an airline pilot, she realized later she didnt know what she had and wanted to come back…aahh, too effin bad. She learned the definition of No, and Hell No, and many other valuable lessons in collateral damages of stupidity.

Not long after that, the engineering firm I was employed by for 13 years let me and over 75 other long term employees be informed that they would no longer need our services and are forced to say “buh bye” and “thank you, but you can leave now…right now ” Ouch !

I entered the unemployment universe and had never been there before. I had lots of company, and thought , ” Im alright, this cant last too long” It did.

Not too much after that set back… I lived through a horrible roll over car accident . I lived, I was physically broken with major head and facial trauma, I survived ! C’mon I’m no sissy lah lah, Im a tough guy…what could possibly happen next…?? Lightning ..?? NO….Crime victim..? No….Fire, Flood, Earthquake…???? NO ! Next the doctors brought me the next figurative grenade to deal with.

They found the cause of the car accident in my brain scan. A tumor about the size of a chicken egg that is causing siezures, headaches, lethargy and is inoperable , They very nicely told me as it grows I will lose my abilty to speak, and various other changes in abilities. Operating cant be guaranteed but ……oh well.

Then the money started to dwindle , no more driving due to the medical condition… I managed to establish a little disability income but not enough . I informed Saxon Mortgage of my situation and they reassured me that they wouldn’t be able to help me and informed me they were just bill collectors and are only able to collect the money. They started the foreclosure , and I managed to stop the sale of my house one day before the auction date. The next day someone at saxon said I may qualify for the new Obama HAMP program . After they received all the proof of income, They informed me I was qualified and only had to make three payments of the agreed upon amount and the new plan will become a permanent payment for at least five years.

I made three timely correct payments…..then was informed that things have changed and I am not qualified to meet the new rules . And they can do nothing, and they didnt ge4t any paper I was required to submit.

Saxon Mortgage so conveniently managed to get the payment check but had no record of any paperwork . I asked how did they manage to recieve the check but not the documents it was wrapped in ……Now Saxon Mortgage is requesting more paper work but said I dont meet the qualifications and they will not be able to help me any longer and Good Day.”