Saxon Mortgage in-house modification program

Mike in Arizona said: “Well folks here is another angry Saxon Mortgage story

Started the process November of 2008. Same old story as you have all reported here. Faxed 110 pages 5 times to Kwame. Talking to most of these people is a “brain drain.” Your not eligible for HAMP because your loan is with Freddie Mac. And on and on it went.

Continued to make my payments keeping everything current while drawing down on, my SEP-IRA. Naturally nothing happened. Stopped making the payments hoping to get their attention.

As an independent business owner I was not out of work but wounded badly since my business is related to the mortgage industry. Told Saxon that I did not want to lose my home, had cash flow – but just needed a lower rated from my 8.25% 7 year fixed/ajustable. Simply wanted a temporary interest rate reduction to about 3.5% and all would be OK. No principal reduction etc. Totally ignored. Lost all of my docs and then turned me down saying I made to much money. Yeah right. Thats why I applied!

Then I decided to stop making my payments. Saxon started calling all the time with their big promises of help if I would just make a payment.

Now they say that I may fit into a Saxon in-house mortgage modification program not governed by HAMP etc. Resent all of my docs again this week and now awating a call from you know who – The Negotiator! Sure.

Want to get this info out on to Twitter as I understand it can have an effect. But not to up to speed on Twitter yet.

Willing to fight these guys in any legal way possible to hang on to my home. Any and all suggestions appreciated.”