Saxon passes mortgage modification to Ocwen

CB in California said: “RE: SAXON MORTGAGE. In March ’09 i paid a company $3,000 to help me through the entanglement of Modification (which as i found out was a waste of money-you get no-where just as fast on your own) and over the next 4 months i went through the Saxon process of sending in documents to be told they did not get them and to resend..placing phone calls to be told to call back etc.

AFTER 4 MONTHS i was told my original loan amount was too large for the government program and that i needed to start all over requesting an ‘in-house’ modification…i had to re-submit everything many times over. The frustration compounds knowing that SAXON SHOULD have told me in a few Seconds that my loan was too high(by aprox $6,000) – oh and they would not let me pay down the balance so i could conform to the program!!

In October i finally got the in-house modification put together. Huge relief i thought…The first week of November i received documents to have notarized and scraped together $13,982.10 for the required deposit, sending everything next day air to arrive ahead of the deadline.

I never heard from Saxon again; no letters etc…in the meantime i started getting statements from Ocwen of Florida and the information that was on their statement did not align with the terms of the Modification.

I called Saxon they said they could not tell me anything i needed to call Ocwen – my loan had been transferred to another company for servicing. fyi-These guys are far worse to deal with than Saxon!! After i faxed my mod agreement to Ocwen on several occasions and numerous calls to managers – who i was put into their voicemail with never a return call.

I finally got through to a manger FEBURARY 4TH…who proceeded to tell me i had no Modification and that SAXON NEVER COMPLETED the agreement and instead Ocwen was given the deposit i sent to Saxon who applied it to my loan balance and is now threatening to Foreclose!! What a racket!! Is there any recourse?”

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  1. I understand everyones complaints with Saxon Mortgage. The best advice I can give, is to get your home refinanced with another company ASAP. We had to deal with their mess for over two years. It was a nighmare from HELL. When I called I never got to talk to the same person twice. No one ever returned phones calls as promised. One night when I was trying to get some answers my husband cooked suppper and eat too and I was still on the phone. Last year they sent me the 1098 in May. (Of course they were suppose to sent this out by January 31st. Then in June I received another one telling me that the interest I paid for the previous year was $6500.00, less than the first one. While, there was another call. This person was very helpful and gave me all the interest, principal, and escrow for that year. Which did add up. I tried to get them to fix it, they never did. Like that was a suprise. I tried to get someone to tell me where my $6500.00 went and no one could tell me. I talked to a lawyer and he sent them a letter telling them they had so many days to give me an itemized list of everything. I didn’t get that either. So finally I got my house refinanced in November and now I can actually lay down and go to sleep at night. I really do not see how Saxon can stay in business. I first thought it was just me, but it looks like everyone has the same luck I did. I wish anyone that has to deal with Saxon the best. You will need it.

  2. Call Ms. Tara Williams. she Is a big executive with ocwen she has alot of power she saved my home from foreclosure when I drove to her home and spoke with her.
    Her email address is and her phone number is (713) 647-8990. her home address which is 8745 Turriff Street Houston, Texas 77055.

  3. Please Please help, We have been entangled in the Saxon Web of deception for over 4 yrs. My husband’s health (Acute Liver Failure), has gotton worse and worse over the last 4 yrs. I have never dealt with such unprofessional people in my life. They have ruined our credit and we have no hope of refinancing.
    No modification and I received a letter 4 days ago telling me my loan is being transferred to Ocwen.


  4. So Eddie……..did Ocwen fix your loan?

    I am caught up in the middle of this crap between Saxon and Ocwen and the FHMP. What a joke. I am pissed and now in forclosure. While Saxon sells our loans for pennies on the dollar to Ocwen (whom i see as a preditory lender) just so they can write this off under the “no strings attached gov bailout”. Ocwen has no other intention but to boot us out of our homes.

    refinancing may not be an option due to the lack of banks lending money, the government modifations aren’t working, so what should we do? Just keep giving them more money so they can screw us?


  5. You don’t want to have to deal with OCWEN, most likely, you will get no where with them. Their call center is outsourced to India, telephone reps read from a script. You will be told the same thing no matter who you get. If you speak Spanish, you can push the option to request a Spanish representative, they are on U.S. soil, and they also speak English, but it appears they are reading from the same script. If you are a borrower who is in default and trying to do a loan mod or short sale, good luck; they have no intention of working anything out with the borrower and they will forclose.
    If you are not in default and OCWEN is your loan servicer watch out. If it were me, I would refinance ASAP, I have read several posts where OCWEN claimed a borrower missed payments, when the borrower had not missed payments nor had any late payments; OCWEN then proceeded to foreclose.

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