Widow on fixed income has Saxon Mortgage problems

Candace in California said: “I have been trying to get a loan modification through Saxon Mortgage for almost a year now. I was pre-qualified for the Making Homes Affordable plan. I was given a trial period of 3 months. The payments had to be made on time. I was successful in making all of the payments on time.

After the 3 months I was given another ‘trial period.’ It has now been 7 months and they still will not finalize anything with me. I am a widow, living on a fixed income and I am desperate to stay in my home. I don’t know what to do.”

One thought on “Widow on fixed income has Saxon Mortgage problems

  1. Please dont anyone trust Saxon, Novastar, and Deutche Bank – they are all one company. They are just out to steal your homes. That is what they did to me. In Dec. 2008 Saxon took my home after they agreed to Loan Modification. Forclosed, did unlawful detainer, kicked me and my family out of our home of 37 years only that the home could remain vacant.

    Yes, its been over 1 year and the house is still vacant not even on the market and being vandalized daily. I know I have a law suit and had been told this by an attorney but it is going to be a tough case and unless I have a large bank account or a case that can handel itself no one will help me . When they took our home Saxon Mortgage also took our income for that is where we provided a large amount of our services from. The kicker in the whole thing is that the property consists of 2 lots 2 legally divided parcels with each having its own tax bill and APN number. When Saxon Mortgage foreclosed on the property they only did it on one parcel. Our name still appears on the 2nd parcel but now the bank is trying to steal that one too. But in order to fight them we need money.

    They totally ruined our lives and threw us to the streets With the eviction we can’t even rent. We are living in our trucks, our health is failing, and we have lost our family. We did everythig we were asked to do during the whole negotiations. We did not exercise our option to file bankruptcy because we trusted them the only mdificatication we got from them was they took our name off off the deed.

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