Saxon Mortgage modification rep voicemail full

BW in Texas said: “Now I am convinced that Saxon Mortgage is a company of criminals that run the company like a mafia organization. As I type this I have been on hold for over 40 minutes. Getting the runaround for a loan modification application I filed over 5 months ago.

I was given the name of Rosio Duran who is supposed to be handling my file but her voice mail has been full for the last 2 mos. So I don’t even know if this person even exists.

At the beginning I had to fax the same documents for 6 different times because they kept saying that they did not recieve them.

I offered to mail in the documents but they refused to provide a mailing address. They didn’t want me to have a copy of the certified mail receipt showing they did receive my documents. Instead they use stall tactics by making you fax it in. They even refused to accept it by email.

The Saxon Loan Modification program is a scam and saxon is using deceptive and fraudulent tactics to get your personal information for use other than loan modification.

I am still on hold after getting the runaround at saxon and after over 5 mos I still have no answer in reference to my loan modification.”