Saxon Mortgage and public pressure

Some people with Saxon Mortgage Services problems and complaints see our Twitter link but don’t know much about it. Did you know that 1/2 of all business-to-customer marketers polled reported using Twitter to unearth potential PR problems?

As we saw with the now epic Motrin Moms example, a PR problem can materialize at any moment, with little warning. B2B marketers also reported monitoring twitter as part of a proactive crises communications program.

Clearly Saxon Mortgage Services and parent company Morgan Stanley have a PR problem. A recent government study showed only two permanent mortgage modifications at Saxon Mortgage.

Contacting Twitter users tweeting negatively about the brand

As you venture deeper into the world of monitoring and responding to negative or hostile tweets, you should note that consumers are learning that taking to Twitter begets a response. And, with every response they earn from brands, they along with others, are encouraged, and as such, conditioned to increase their activity of voicing complaints in a public spotlight.

44 percent of business-to-customer and 36 percent of business-to-business customers respond to or use Twitter for damage control.

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Saxon Mortgage and Morgan Stanley have a PR problem. Americans are starting to learn that there are few mortgage modifications through Saxon Mortgage. It is time to apply the pressure. Create a Twitter account today.