Saxon home mortgage modification is just a stall

Stephanie, no location given, said: “I have also had trouble with Saxon. My husband is a car salesman and sales were starting to fall plus our interest rate was getting ready to go from fixed to flexible. I called Saxon Mortgage and said I was getting there anything I could do to fix our rate and maybe somehow lower our payment.

First person said absolutely! I was so excited. They said send us some papers and we would hear from someone in 10 days. Never did. We called for the next 5 MONTHS! They said no one was assigned our case yet. Meanwhile getting further behind.

Then I got a letter saying they couldnt help because not all paper work was in. I re-faxed it. Called to make sure it was all there a couple days later, person I talked to said yes.

Still no one at Saxon Mortgage called or helped me. I got another letter saying not all paperwork was in. I again faxed paperwork. Overall I faxed Saxon all the paperwork at least 5 times.

In the mean time my house went in foreclosure and we got a sale date on the house. I did get it stopped and had to go through the process again. still nothing. It has been ongoing for almost 2 years now and we are still being pushed aside.

I have now received another sale date on my home and I was told to re-fax everything again. I think this is an awful company! Because of them I will more than likely loose my home. Its just not fair!”