Negligence and fraud at Saxon Mortage says customer

AT in California said: “I am like most of your other contributors, abused and overwhelmed with frustration by dealing with this criminal company, Saxon Mortgages Services.

Same thing… over a year-and-a-half in ‘Loan Mod’, 4 different loan mod attempts, 4 different ‘approvals’ and 4 different failures on Saxon’s part to implement these ‘approved’ loan mods, due to ‘missing documents’ or ‘computer failures’, or ‘failure to qualify’.

I’ve been in a Saxon forced forclosure twice and I still am in ‘default’ even though I’ve done everything ‘right’.

I have had enough.

I have retained a lawyer and I think I must file a lawsuit against Saxon Mortgage Services and Morgan Stanley based on negligence and fraud.


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  1. To date: we’ve heard of possible class actions but we’ve not seen anything come out of it. File a complaint with the FTC and identify the illegal things they’ve done to you and your family. We need to fight them and encourage the gov. to pay attention to the cries of the people.

  2. If I am not able to find a pro bono lawyer I will be looking at retaining a lawyer this coming Monday, Feb. 22, 2010. They are foreclosing on my house in three weeks, despite a year and a half “dance” with them. They sent me a loan modification, I sent it in on time (and have receipts to prove it), they told me 5 weeks later that the documents had not been on time and the “application was denied”.

    After the shock somewhat wore off I called them and they said the documents had been shredded, I could not talk to the mitigation officer who had signed the offer, that they were going to keep the deposit and that I had to start the whole process over. They would not talk about the documents at all and there was no one to talk to except the phone guard to explain that Saxon had actually signed for the documents and I had the FedEx proof of their signature.

    Since then I have gone through my Senator and my case is being examined by the Attorney General’s office. Meanwhile Saxon continues to tell me to send documents within 5 days; I sent this last batch with a checklist that THEY had sent and sent everything they wanted. When

    I called a week later the phone person told me I needed to send more documents before they could assign it to a negotiator (and they need to assign it to a negotiator before they can put a hold on the foreclosure). When I told the phone person that I had sent in what they had listed; was she telling me that Saxon had not sent an accurate letter?

    She said if I had had any questions about what to send in I should have called before I sent them in. I said “well, I didn’t HAVE any questions because I was following what Saxon listed in the letter” She did not answer and just kept on condescendingly saying that I needed to send in another paystub and another bank statement and a W2 (even though I had sent a note in the fax explaining that one of us didn’t GET w-2s and had sent a replacement document to show the year’s income).

    I asked to speak to someone to explain that to them and she said “you have to write a letter” (which will take 20 days, if I am lucky and by then the foreclosure will happen). I was recording the conversation (with her permission, of course) so I have proof of this merry chase/run around that they put you through. I will send documents that they requested in but they will no doubt say that I need the W-2, no matter how many times I explain it to them or they will say that I did not send the documents in in a timely manner (because they requested more documents which made me go past the “due date”).

    Surely this is all illegal. Breach of Contract and Failure to Act in Good Faith.

    I will try the “Additional Help” on the right side of this web site.The Treasury apparently is sending out 3 person parties to check on the call centers but I bet they have not been to Saxon.
    Who do we talk to about a class action suit? I am interested.
    I have waited for a year to post here, but it is now obvious that a class action suit IS needed.

  3. It all came crashing down for me today- my modification paperwork lowered my monthly payment by $5.00 , I was current when all this began and now I am 48 days past due and owe over $4500- if I don’t sign the modification they will begin forclosure process. I have never missed a payment in 10 years. This is an absolute crime and a disgrace. I am a single mother and decided not to sell my house because this new program would save me finanically – now I am in a world of difficulties I would never have had if I had just not inquired about this program..class action is deff needed- I am in.

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