Homeowner disregards Saxon Mortgage advice to stop paying

Ad in Ohio said: “Oh yes. Saxon Mortgage…I’ve been dealing with them since 2005, when they took over my previous loan from Novastar. I too waited and waited for a loan mod. that finally came 8 months later.

I was never and am never late on my mortgage but the rate went from 7.7% to 10.7% and Saxon modified it back to 7.7% about a year ago.

During the modification process they told me to stop making mortgage payments but I KNEW better than to trust them. I kept making payments as scheduled and Saxon said that by making payments I was messing up the modification. Thus, they reported my mortgage late 4 months in a row!

I began receiving pre-foreclosure letters on a mortgage that I was NEVER late on!

Plus, they called my work and cell almost everyday too. I had to explain to them everytime that I was not late and they had my payments. I fought with Saxon for a long time to get my credit straightened out and finally they fixed it.

I am refinancing my home to get out from under Saxon before they cause anymore harm! For any of you dealing with them, get on the bi-saver program!”