Saxon Mortgage changes the locks while I am at work

TQ in Pennsylvania said: “I would just like to tell everyone how Saxon Mortgage did me. Yes, I was behind, way behind due to an illness and then the economy. When I would call Saxon they were rude and no help at all, till one day I got James on the phone and he tells me I am qulified for a government backed refi. He tells me all I have to do is send in my info. Great right?

So I faxed 19 pages to Saxon Mortgage, waited a couple days and called to make sure everything was OK. I was told all was in place for a loan mod that would drop my payments by over 400 dollars and put what I was behind on the backside of the loan.

Great! Thats more then I wanted. All I really wanted was to put what I was behind on the backside so as to catch up. They told me they had gotton so many applications it would just take a few weeks to process all of them and they would be in touch be mail or phone.

A couple weeks later my wife call to tell me the neighbor came to tell her that some one had been to the house to change the locks. When I call Saxon to find out what was going on it took four days of calls to get a stright answer. Now get this — only 6 of the 19 pages sent in came through the fax so the sold the house out from under me.

Now the only bids they have gotter are 3,7 and 9 thousand on a home that I still owed 85k on and has a value of 65k in a depressed market area.

How stupid can these people be not to have called or tried to work with me better. I may have lost my home but I will recover in time but I sure hope Saxon’s losses will put them under. Then they will know what we all feel like.”

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  1. I suggest that you file a complaint with the consumer protection division. We really need the gov. to start looking into their shady handlings in this crisis. It’s been my understanding that unless they send you foreclosure papers and you get docs that state you’re scheduled to be sold, they can’t just up and sell on you. It would only make sense that the “home owner” be notified of the possibility of a forced sale. File the complaint.

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