On December 24th Saxon Mortgage said modification started Dec 1

PS in California said: “Let me tell you our story of dealing with Saxon Mortgage. We tried several times over a six month period to get a modification. We were told we were not allowed any modifications under the terms of our mortgage. Then in June of 2009 we received a phone call from Saxon saying we now were eligible for a modification and transferred our phone call to a lady from a company named Zenta, that was taking the information and would be helping us throughout the three month trial period.

At the end of the phone call she told us what our new payment and interest rates would be. At the end of the trial period she said we had indeed been approved and that the proper documents would be sent out the following week. She also said we should just continue making the new payment. We did not receive any paperwork and upon trying to contact her, we were not getting any response. Finally at the beginning of Nov. she called and said our paperwork was now through underwriting and proof-reading, and indeed would be going out the following week.

Again after waiting another month we tried to get in touch with her. The week before Christmas we were told that she was placed into a different department and that a new person would be helping us. When we talked to this gentleman, he informed us that they had to change the payment amount and that it would be going up $300.00, because of the original report of income did not match what we sent them by $96.00.

Now remember the first lady said everything was all good. We told the gentleman that our property taxes went down and he said we would have to go to the tax dept. at Saxon Mortgage and tell them. Well imagine my surprise when on Christmas Eve, I received a phone call at work from Saxon. The woman on the phone told me the terms of the modification, and that our first payment WAS due on Dec. 1. We are already at the 24th and they are saying we are already behind. When I asked her the question, “so you are telling me we are already behind?” She answered “Yes mam”.

Isn’t that against the law to not give any notice? Plus we still have not received the paperwork for the modification. I for one am going to the media, because everyone wants to know why people are getting modified. And I believe it is time for Saxon to quit scamming not only the consumers, but also the government, who I believe got the original paperwork in Oct., so Saxon could get their slice of the pie and kudos from the government and then change the terms for us to bump up the payments and interest.”

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  1. email: hamp support (if it is a HAMP loan) They say they don’t help the public but if you notify them of the run around, they do look into it. http://www.hmpadmin.com. Tell them your loan number and explain that with the Dec thing. Be sure to read the guidelines on the hmpadmin site. You’ll see that if the decision is made in Dec. the modification should not be effective until JAN. 1. Point out what rules Saxon is not following as stated in their paperwork. You cannot be held accountable to follow paperwork you don’t even have a copy of.

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