7 months and no HAMP decision from Saxon Mortgage

CA, no location given, said: “We are also dealing with this HAMP program and its been 7 months already and still we do not have a final modification. Everytime we call they tell us something different. I don’t understand how Saxon can get away with all this. I am now more frustrated than ever and my hopes have diminished. I need help!”

One thought on “7 months and no HAMP decision from Saxon Mortgage

  1. Saxon are crooks. I have been in the modification process since July. They have never contacted me to follow up. I sent all the paperwork and then the 90 trial period comes and goes, no one ever calls me to tell me to continue to make my payments, so I call them to check on the status and the reps. are almost abusive. There were no notes and no one knows what is going on. So I get a letter in January telling me I will probably be denied, so I call them and advise the rep that I don’t think the calculated the percentage correctly and she says “So you don’t think we are capable of calculating correctly?” You are the 4th person that called today and you are going to get denied. Extremely rude and then she said I can’t help you but “Craig” the negoitiator can. If his voicemail comes on do you want to leave hm a message? I respond of course and when is a the best time to call to reach him. She says well negotiators don’t normally answer the phone cause the are busy negotiating. (No kidding! well that is what I am trying to do) So I tried to email Saxon CEO, Kevin Rodman at the email address listed. That is no longer valid, so I have sent a letter to his home address 1 Stratton Rd, Purchase, NY 10577-2226 and to Morgan Stanley in New York, HUD, Treasury, Attorney General for TX and CA. Just in case anyone would like info on Kevin Rodman per the FINRA website his middle name is Lewis. Craig “The Negotiator” never called back. I don’t even know anyone that gotten a successful modification from Saxon.

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