Third party did not help with Saxon Mortgage modification

CG in Tennessee said: “Well my wife and I just lost our home. Back in July I went thru a housing lawfirm in CA. I sent them $2500 to do a loan modification with Saxon Mortgage. They sent me all the paper work and I sent all them back just as told to. They got on the phone with a 3-way call and Saxon Mortgage said your payments will be $890 a month. At that time I told them there was no way I could handle that.

The guy from the law firm said fine, we will go another route. Ive never heard anything back from them. Saxon Mortgage will not work with you. Our house will not sell for what is owed but instead of Saxon working out something for us to stay in our home they would rather foreclose and try to sell it and lose money.

See, after it is sold we both are set to file chapter 7 so we come out ahead and Saxon Mortgage comes out in the hole.

We didn’t care how long we would have to pay on this house if they had just dropped payments to where we could afford them.”