Single mother rejected for Saxon Mortgage help

DS, no location given, said: “I have been trying to Modify my mortgage with saxon for 14 months! I submitted everything to them 17 times! They lose everything blow me off, don’t return my calls and quite frankly treat me horribly. Is there ANYONE I can contact about this? Any government agency I can get to help?

I am a single mother and trying to keep my kids in their home after my divorce. My credit is so bad because of this I dont EVER think it can be repaired. Saxon has been ruining my life and all I wanted to do is keep my home.

My ex had one of the wacky rates that jumped and I couldnt make the crazy payments, but I have a good job and can afford my home if the payments were modified. I have tried to get names of supervisors there and no one will give me a name!

Saxon Mortgage has been down right MEAN to me on the phone and no one has a clue whats going on. They are very ‘hush-hush” and dont care about their customers.

They dont care that I have done EVERYTHING on my end yet nothing has been done, my credit is DESTROYED! They are clearly crooked! I am so sick about this and have no where to turn.

I can’t sleep anymore, I can’t eat, I am physically getting sick about this. Sombody, anybody, please….”

2 thoughts on “Single mother rejected for Saxon Mortgage help

  1. Call your state attorney general ASAP, the bureau of consumer protection, I have had it with Saxon, they lied to me, took my money and now have been forced in bankruptcy because of them and their ridiculous lies and scams, get help before its too late

  2. filed for mod in september 2008
    just paid month 6 of “temporary payments”
    underwater mortgage over 500k
    value now under 300k
    Get ready saxon
    we are ready to walk – and the ONE PLEASURE i will have is screwing you for close to 250k

    Everythng ths site talks about is true
    we were promisd change
    we got it
    morgan and Saxon will get bailed out and us consumers will be THROWN OUT

    hope you know who to vote for next election

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